YouTube and Deviant ART

This year I would like to focus on my DA and YouTube. My YouTube is where I’d like to do speed paints once I get the software I like for video capturing. Honestly not a fan of many of the free choices on the webs so I need to save for a software I have my eyes on.

On DA I’d like to post more often. I do a lot of work but never end up posting it. I did a lot of traditional work and didn’t have a scanner or camera.

However, now I have both so  I’m very excited to be more active.

I’ve been on DA for well over 10 years. 8 Years on my current account. I feel I should have a little more community presences. I’m not the most social person though. I have trouble talking to new people. I would like to learn to interact and not feel like I’m over thinking about it.

Deviant ART


Seems like I get to start my year with an awesome head cold.

Trying to find a good balance of resting to get better but maintaining a work level that doesn’t make me feel like I’m off track to what I want to achieve.

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