Simple Pleasures Will Gather Better Results

Simple pleasures are sure underrated now and days.

I always wanted to achieve something big, produce something amazing or have an amazing time doing something great.  However lately I learned that I won’t become productive in the long term doing this. It just makes me feel awful for not meeting an unrealistic goal.

I told myself to try focusing on small things and actually absorb the good feelings from them. See if it over all improves my mood; and it has.

I clean up more often. Which is funny because cleaning is easy when your in a good mood and a clean space makes you in a good mood.

Recently I needed some household things. I needed a new keyboard, which I have needed for ages and a small desk lamp.

These things are simple and I didn’t even get expensive ones. I got the cheapest I could find actually.

Usually I would toss these new things in there place and forget about it but I stopped to think about how great it was. Appreciate the new things I got.

The new keyboard makes working at my desk much more enjoyable and efficient and the lamp is great for my late night drawing moments when my partner is asleep so I don’t wake him.

Funny enough. My partners mind set has ALWAYS been this way. Since I first met him when we were 13. Always smiling and always grateful. Someday I will learn to be that way too.

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