My time has come…

I got the awful head cold that everyone at work has been sharing for months now. I tried so hard to avoid it and that didn’t happen.

I’m coughing up all kinds of crap and basically being gross but I have proved one thing for sure. People don’t take care of themselves.

I have an auto immune disorder and hence get sick easier and for longer.

I had bad symptoms for five days. I’m sure I’ll have a cough and aches for a while but the worst of it is over now.

There are people at my work who have had it for weeks. I won’t get into details on how they are not taking care of themselves. However I feel like. If I could get better this fast with my health, others should be even better off. Like I just don’t see the appeal in not taking care of yourself when your ill. Why do you want to be sick any longer then you have too?

Like I haven’t posted anything new to DA yet because I was too sick to finish my work. [New work posted by Saturday] I hate not being able to do anything. Not having energy to even do basic house work. Just lying in bed, blowing your nose and watching Netflix’s isn’t fun. Sorry.

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